Using an inductor at the input of an amp for a low pass

Design and use of Chokes for PS, anode and filament use.
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Using an inductor at the input of an amp for a low pass

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filter. (500 hz)

With a 100K input load resistor what would be the disadvantages of using a 31.8 H inductor?

ALSO, would INTACT be willing to make a paid of these for me?

I would rather send you the money instead of SOWTER, that nationalism thing.

Let me know,


Rick McInnis
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Hey Rick,

sorry for the tardy reply. I typed in a post the other night with graphs and such but wasn't happy with the overall presentation so I deleted it. My general belief is this is the proper way to do it but the choice of 100K as the value introduces too much compromise.

If you want to pursue this direction, my experiences suggest looking at 8hy and 25K for your filter values and if your source is up to it, 2hy and 6.25K might be better.

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