AVC now ready

discussion of magnetic volume control design for both line and speaker levels.

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AVC now ready

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Just completed my AVC build. I used 24AWG solid silver wire to make the connections and the layout is arranged for easy access to enable different lam stackings.

Sound is lovely and very well balanced. There is more bass than my TX2575 based passive and contrary to some reports on this forum there is plenty of detail from the get go. Dave informs me that the stackings are 3x3 and to my ears, in my system, it sounds just right. I listen to classical and my hookup is CDP to AVC thru long interconnects to monoamps F5TV3(Nelson Pass design) to speakers.

Thanks Dave for making these available to DIYers.

AVC bottom.JPG
AVC bottom.JPG (542.09 KiB) Viewed 8053 times
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