Cartridge Demagnetizer

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Cartridge Demagnetizer

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I'm looking for a MC Cartridge Demagnetizer schematic?
Do you have one ? Could you e-mail it me or post it here.

I could probably design one myself. But I'm not exactly sure how cartridge is demagnetized and what type of signal is feed to the cartridge and what level?

I'd assume it's some type of level decaying sine wave signal of 1kHz. Start strong at the cart nominal signal level (say, high output MC at about 2.5mVAC) and than slowly does down to 0 volts. This would demagnetize cartridge, I assume. What do you think?

Also, is it only for MC or MM AND MC cartridges?

I appreciate any input.

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There's one on an old web page of mine

Some of the links are broke as it isn't current but I stuck it back up in response to your query.


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