curvecaptor for win 10 or xp?

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Don Lulham
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curvecaptor for win 10 or xp?

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I'm a little confused on how to install CurveCaptor on a Win 10 computer.
I want to make a model of a 6CD3 damper diode. Can anyone point me in the right direction or make me the model in LTSpice..?
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.model 6CD3 D(Is=8.8e-2 Rs=18.4 Cjo=15p N=276 Bv=6000 type=vacuum)

You can either add that into LTSpice's diode file (under components) in which case it will appear in your list of diodes in the drop down menu, or just add that statement to your schematic page. If you do that when you call up a diode, replace the "D" with 6CD3 for the name of the diode.

Note, that with more than 6000 volts reverse bias, the part will "zener". If you don't want that, simply remove the Bv=6000 part of the statement.

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