First Run of LT Spice.

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First Run of LT Spice.

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Attached below is a LTspice file of a parafeed circuit that should run with any install of spice.

A few notes:

Right clicking on anything allows you to edit it.
Hitting the S key allows you to enter comments or directives.
Anything in black is a directive
Anything in blue is a comment
anything in {curly brackets} is a variable that also requires a .param command to set its value.
variables can also be stepped by using a .step param command.
Values can also be entered using numbers for things you will not want to change. Right clicking V1 shows you that the value for the small signal AC is set to 1

The .ac command is the run directive and sets the parameters to be swept for the ac analysis. (this requires a value be set in V1)
.tran command requrires a function to be entered in V1 (sine wave, frequency and voltage)


In the above picture the set values are all called out in the .param commands and when run spice will give you three plots of the stepped param values for C.

The bulk of the rest of it is rather intuitive and playing around and editing an existing file always helps.
parafeed ideal.asc
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Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.17.32 PM.png
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