IEC Tape Source Model

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IEC Tape Source Model

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With the help of others, I've been able to create LTspice Laplace models for both RIAA phono and NAB tape sources, which I use to evaluate RIAA and NAB playback circuits. But I haven't figured out how to model an IEC tape source. The difference between NAB and IEC, as I understand it, is that the NAB standard includes a 50 Hz (3180 us) time constant, whereas the IEC curve does not (it theoretically extends to DC), and IEC has a high frequency time constant at 70 us or 35 us, depending upon tape speed.

I've uploaded my RIAA and NAB sources here. These have been tested with published RIAA and NAB playback circuits and verified to produce flat overall playback response. Can someone tell me how to create an IEC model source that I can use to evaluate IEC playback circuits?

Phono & Tape Sources.asc
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