46 Spice Models

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46 Spice Models

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Hi Piotr and all,
I will be adding two more tubes into the triode drop-down files to cover the 46.

This tube is called a "dual-grid power amplifier". Inteed, it is not intended to act as a tetrode, but rather as two distinctly different triodes.

Grid 1 is the control grid, as is usual.

Grid 2, if connected to the anode forms a low mu triode, intended to be a Class A1 driver tube. It is capable of 1.25 watts running on a 250 volt supply.

Grid 2, if connected to grid 1 forms a zero bias hi mu triode, intended to be used in a Class B push pull output stage. When driven by a single 46 operated in its lo mu setting, a push pull pair of zero biased 46 will produce 20 watts with a 400 volt supply.

I will be adding
46LoMu and 46HiMu into the library. Both of them model grid current reasonably well so work in both Class A1, A2. The HiMu version is rather useless as a class A amplifier.

Thr tube capacitances in the model are guesses... I could not find a data sheet that listed them, so I guessed based on the structure.

Warmest Regards,
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Thanks Stephie, just downloading now to try. :D
Too much stuff and not enough time!
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