Limitations in the triodenh.txt library...

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Limitations in the triodenh.txt library...

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Hi folks,

As I mentioned in the other string, there are a lot of tubes (72) in the current compilation using several different models. The two most popular models are the generic triodenh, which I think, started with Dave Cigna, and the voltage/current model which started with Norman Koren. I've modified both of those generic models to overcome some shortcomings. I've "pulled in" other models directly... in some cases converting syntax as required, in other cases simply importing into the file.

So, different devices have different limits.

Most of the "uramp" models do not have device capacitances attached so will be inaccurate for frequency response. Those are:
6H30, 6HV5, 12A4, 12B4, 75TL, 437, 7119, Ba and 205D. If someone responds with the eqivalent cap I'll roll them into the next publication of the library.

Most of the devices do not support A2 operation accurately. Most of the models only support grid current by a diode in series with a resistor. That's adequate for A1 to allow for the effects of source resistance in clipping, but not for really giving you a good idea of the drive requirements in A2.

The following two lists are exceptions to the above.

The following models fully support A2 operation:
3A5, 801A, 811A_alt, 833A. I'll modify others if needed.

The following models have no grid current support in them:
2C51, 6AM4, 6H30, 6HV5, 6SL7GT, 12A4, 12B4, 12BH7A, 75TL, 437, 7119, Ba, 205D.

Stephie <3
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