Amp signal schematic.

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dave slagle
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Amp signal schematic.

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this is the thumbnail of the amp that will be the testbed.

As drawn it has a 2:1 IT, and this configuration will be compared to a plate choke-cap coupled topology.

this will be used to drive a system with an active sub crossed over around 100hz so the goal is to keep the amp flat to 100hz so additional bass boost is not required form the subs. This requires an extra octave or two below johnny's oris based system.

my first question is...

Are either of the cathode resistors going to be bypassed???
RS241 coupled to a 75TL.
RS241 coupled to a 75TL.
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Bypass Caps are Used

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Hi Dave,
Are either of the cathode resistors going to be bypassed??
Yesterday as I was taking the iron (Tamura output trannies 5002 and Tribute IT trannies which I haven't used since getting your iron Dave) off the signal chassis to sell, I looked at the configuration. All the cathode resistors have a bypass cap. I have experimented a little with the cathode/bypass cap combination on the output because at one point I wanted to reduce the gain of the amp. I didn't notice much difference (other than the gain) between the two.
I want to experiment with fixed bias, cathode bias, and a combination of fixed and cathode bias on both stages of the amp. Grant says it makes a big difference.

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